All religions

He who cannot feel friendship is alike incapable of love. Let a woman beware of the man who owns that he loves no one but herself.
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Agnostic Agnostics,   6

Atheis Atheists,   11

Baptist Baptists,   1

Belief in God Belief in God,   14

Buddhist बुद्ध धर्म,   5

Catholic Catholics,   39

Christian Christians,   169

Eastern orthodox Правосла́вiѥ,   15

Humanist Humanists,   1

Judaism יידישקייט,   1

Lutheran Evangelisch-lutherische Kirchen,   1

Mormon Mormons,   2

Muslim مسلمون,   72

New Age New Age,   2

Non believer Non-believers,   7

Other religion Other religions,   33

Protestant Protestants,   6


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